Sunday, February 12, 2012

Jakarta Day 2....DUFAN "Dunia Fantasi" Ancol..

The story continues....
After dinner, we went back to the guest hse for a gd nite sleep as tommorow we all are going to Ancol.." Fantasy World" aka DUFAN " dunia fantasi"..
Our supir arrives as early as 8.00 am avoid the jam..we arrived at 9 am and the booth ticket is not yet open till 10 to occupies our time we went for a gondola ride..

After having an enjoyable ride up in the air..we bought the tickets to the Fantasy World which is abt RM 70 per wif 10 of it was worth it..we spend the whole day here & the kids really enjoy themselves...moreover all in the family are here...

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Family Trip.....Jakarta Day 1.. 21.1.2012

Upon arrival at Soekarno Hatta Airport in Jakarta at 4.30 pm, Nasirah was there to welcome us..she was sooo happy seeing us bcos all in the family were there...we hug each other & luckily everything goes well at the airport.

Nasirah took us straight to the guest hse in 2 avanzas that she booked..after the solat & resting for awhile, we went for dinner at Central Park Mall. The mall's deco remind me of the time when I went to Shanghai afew years back.. Since it was a CNY celebrations, all the decos were in CNY mood..

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My 1st wish on the wishlist of 2012

Family's first..that is my first priority ...raising 8 growing kids is a tough job but then luckily for me they all understd that their mum & dad are always busy...they never ask for more then we could afford but still they always get what they want...its a year now since my hubby's transfer to Trengganu ..i took over the chores that is normally done by hubby...again I'm lucky bcos apart frm all the hard work & pressures frm all around kids understds...further more the burden is lessen wif my hardworking & loyal bibik who have been wif us for almost 5 years kids dun't want to follow hubby to Trengganu bcos they dun't want to leave thier friends & school..& furthermore hubby always came down for meetings here almost every they get to see their father every week...
the most stress part for me was last Dec when I was involved in the SPM invigilation..for almost a month I leave the house at 6 am after solat subuh & came back home nearly 7 pm every day..Why?? bcos myself jaga the bilik kebal where we have to open the peti besi where the SPM papers were kids complained that they didn't see much of me & at that time my bibik went back to Medan for a 3 weeks break..i was so tired, stress & miserable thinking of the Naqiyah & Nabilah left behind all day..although they are grown ups but the worries r still there..
Soo..since we coudn't go anywhere at that time...I ask the big ones when is their free time..esp Fathullah & Nadiah semester break..coincidently..their break falls on CNY week cover up the Dec hols that we don't have..I planned a trip to Jakarta/ Bandung..why Jakarta?? My doter Siti Nasirah is studying in Jakarta so we can visit her at the same time..ask for my hubby's permission & whether he can free himself within that first wishlist of 2012 came true when I took the family to Jakarta / Bandung ..we went there on the 21 - was the most memorable & enjoyable trip..most of all..the quality time that hubby & me spent together wif the children....its not always that I can gather all 8 of them together...
My family trip story will continue in my nxt post...but first..a few sneak peek of our pix at LCCT airport just b4 departure to Jakarta..

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy Birthday, Fathullah

Fathullah turns 19 today ..& just came back home yesterday for a a month break..mama just wants u to know that
"You made us so happy by just coming into our lives and with each birthday that happiness only keeps growing. We love you. Happy Birthday, son. With lots of love, your proud parents! "
Sorry for not baking a cake for u today ..But mama will bake u one later on & that is a promise..stay cool & study hard..still along way to go..

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy Birthday, Fathuddin..

My son Fathuddin turns 17 time files & he's grown up already. Still remember the days where i was holding him in my arms 17 yrs ago wif those tiny little feet & the so loud he's grown tall & handsome & will be sitting for his SPM exam this year..Abt his studies ..i'm really worried as he is so active at sch..involving in the sch curicullar activities apart frm his usual football game wif friends in the afternoon which is a must..hopefully he will study hard this year..
Fathuddin loves cakes esp choc cake..since i went to sch to settle a few unfininshed work this morning....I only managed to bake this black forest cake for him..
Happy Bornday, Mohd Fathuddin

Monday, January 2, 2012

Salam 2012

Salam 2012 to all..
Resolutions? Maybe impian or angan2 yg xsempat dilaksanakan pd 2011.
Anyway..for 2012...hpe for the best, be a better person, healthy

Friday, October 28, 2011


Deepavali hols were filled wif cooking in the kitchen..made pavlova for tea the other day & the kids just love it...I'm just speechless taht finally I managed to bake this beatiful sweet dessert..i ggogle up for the recipie that i forgot from where i got it...